Tuesday, January 31, 2012


A temptation is an impulse given to the will by the flesh, the world, or the devil to commit sin. The flesh tempts man in three ways: 

(1) by the concupiscence of the eyes to seek the riches, pleasures, and comforts of life; 
(2) by the concupiscence of the flesh to indulge in sensual gratifications; 
(3) by the pride of life to seek worldly honor, fame, and influence. 

The world tempts man in two ways: 

(1) by inspiring him with slavish fear or human respect; 
(2) by pandering to his passions. 

The devil usually tempts man 

(1) by intensifying the allurements of the flesh and the world; 
(2) by inciting his carnal appetites to evil.

God permits man to be tempted 

(1) to test his good will; 
(2) to ground him in humility; 
(3) to stimulate his fervor; 
(4) to detach him from earthly things and center his affections on spiritual things; 
(5) to give his virtue a healthy growth; 
(6) to give him an opportunity of merit and reward; 
(7) to teach him to advance in the spiritual life.

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