Saturday, January 14, 2012

THE NARROW WAY: The Universal Laws of Life

There are two universal laws of life which man must observe if he wishes to strive successfully after any definite end. They are the laws of labor and sacrifice. If he wishes to attain the reward of heaven he must, besides, observe the law of prayer.

Labor is the exerting of the powers of soul and body to attain a definite end. It is the first universal law of life. In the material world it is directed by the laws of nature. In man it should be directed by a determined will. So distinctly is the law of labor impressed on human nature that man will be discontented and even deteriorate mentally, morally, and physically, when he strives to evade it.

On the journey of life no one can entirely escape physical pain and mental anguish, the cause of all suffering. Sacrifice, or the patient endurance in suffering is necessitated (1) by the law of labor, (2) by human misery, (3) by the battle of life. It is the second universal law of life. If man rebels, and endeavors to throw off this cross, he multiplies his suffering and increases his burden without growing in virtue or enjoying contentment.

To persevere in the service of God amid the labors and sufferings of life requires extraordinary energy and powder of endurance. To persevere in opposition to the enemies of his salvation is impossible for man without God's actual help. Though God is infinite goodness and love, He will not grant this aid unless man submits himself to His influence by prayer. Prayer, therefore, is the third universal law of a Christian life.

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