Sunday, January 1, 2012

PREFACE (The Narrow Way)

''How narrow is the gate, and strait the way that leadeth to life: and few there are that find it'' (Matt vii. 14).

‘'The Narrow Way" is a manual of the spiritual life for all of good will. It is intended to serve as a handbook for intelligent and devout Catholics in the world and as an introduction to more comprehensive works on the spiritual life for postulants and novices in religion. To both it will give that general direction which is so essential to a life of solid virtue and which many cannot always obtain on account of the large numbers that throng around the confessionals in our large parishes.

As a brief, clear, systematic exposition of the spiritual life " The Narrow Way " presents the practical doctrine of ascetic and mystic theology in a popular form and according to a plan that makes the mysteries of grace and free will reasonable to the average mind. For the sake of clearness "The Narrow Way" is divided into two parts: the one treating of asceticism or the Interior Life, the other of mysticism or the Supernatural Life. For the same reason each part is subdivided into sections, chapters, and articles, and so combines brevity and clearness with a systematic exposition of Catholic theory and practice.

May ''The Narrow Way" help many to life eternal, and may those who find light and guidance in it recommend the author to Jesus and Mary in their prayers.

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