Tuesday, February 8, 2011


In Honor of the Holy Angels

MY God, being wholly incapable of rendering Thee the thanks I owe, I offer Thee the ardent love and perpetual praise of Thy glorious host of angels the profound adorations of Thy saints, especially the pure and fervent love of the ever blessed Virgin, the Queen of angels and saints, begging that Thou wilt be pleased to receive them in acknowledgment of all Thy infinite mercies to rne. I offer this Mass and communion for the conversion of negligent Catholics, especially... I offer it to obtain for myself, through the special intercession of my angel guardian, the spirit of interior recollection, fidelity to grace, and union with God, a profound humility, and sincere and heartfelt contrition. I also offer this Mass and communion to beg, O my God, that Thou wilt bestow upon all priests, especially . Thy spirit, and make them apostolic men, and true and faithful laborers in Thy vineyard. Behold me, O my God, prostrate before Thee, begging that, together with the sacrifice of Thy divine Son, Thou wilt be pleased to accept of my unworthy self, and the promises I made at my profession, which I now renew. O Mary, my Mother, have compassion on me, and obtain for me, from thy divine Son, what you see I want most, in order to render me agreeable in His sight.

O all ye holy angels and saints of God, intercede for me.

 Method of Hearing Mass on Tuesday


"Recite in sentiments of contrition and confidence in God, the psalm "Miserere."


Lord and my God, permit me to offer Thee my soul and body with the bread and wine which are offered Thee by the priest, to the end that they may be changed into the body and blood of Thy divine Son. Oh! so let me be changed into the semblance of Him. All is pure in Him, and all is profane in me. It was to reform what the malice of the devil and sin had defaced of Thy image, that my Saviour immolated Himself on the cross, and it is for that He now sacrifices Himself on this altar. Oh! repair in me His image by that precious blood which flowed from His sacred wounds, and which will soon flow on this altar. Take away from me the perverse inclinations which lead me into sin, change my tepidity into fervor, take possession of me, O my God, and make me wholly Thine. Imprint on my memory the remembrance of Thy divine presence, in my under standing the knowledge of Thy divine perfections, and in my heart Thy love; destroy in me whatever may dispute Thy right over me, and crown all Thy mercies to me by giving me that humble and contrite heart, which is the offering Thou desirest above all to receive from Thy creatures.


VICTIM of Salvation! Eternal King! Incarnate Word! sacrificed for me and all mankind! O precious body of the Son of God! O sacred flesh, torn with nails, pierced with a lance, and bleeding on a cross for me! O infinite Good! O exceeding Love! let that tender love plead now in my behalf; let all my iniquities be here effaced, and my name be written in the book of life. I believe in Thee, I hope in Thee, I love Thee. To Thee be honor, praise, and glory for ever and ever. O sacred blood flowing from the wounds of Jesus Christ, and washing away the sins of the world! cleanse, sanctify, and preserve my soul, that nothing may ever separate me from Thee. Behold, O eternal Father, Thy only-begotten Son ! look on the face of Thy Christ, in Whom Thou art well pleased; hear the voice of His blood, which calls to Thee for mercy and pardon. Oh! let it plead powerfully in our behalf; let it blot out my sins, cleanse every stain from my soul, and render me pure and pleasing in Thy sight.


ETERNAL Father, behold here Thy divine Son, and for His sake look upon me, whom He has redeemed with His precious blood, since together with Him I consecrate myself to Thee, to be disposed of as Thou shalt please for time and eternity.


COME, dear Jesus, into my heart; it is by Thee alone that I can worthily acknowledge God’s infinite mercies to me. O love, immense and infinite, thaw the icy coldness of my heart, soften it, that Thou mayest no longer find in it any resistance to Thy inspirations. I consecrate to Thee my soul, my life, and all that I am. O sweet Saviour! unite me to Thyself, that I may be one with Thee by grace and a perfect conformity of will; and by the efficacy of Thy presence in my heart, increase my faith, strengthen my hope, and inflame my heart with Thy love, that it may pant only for Thee, and live for Thee alone.

Make an act of sincere contrition, renew your vows, and, with humble reverence, invite Jesus into your heart by fervent aspirations.

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